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Absence from school is the greatest single cause of poor achievement in school. Regular attendance and punctuality are essential if students are to make use of the educational opportunities that are offered at George Crockett Academy. Recognizing the mandate of "No Child Left Behind Act" as it applies to school attendance, all parents and students are encouraged to limit all unreasonable absences from school. Students of George Crockett Academy are expected to be in attendance on days in which school is held. If your child/children should be absent from school, please remember to call our front office at 313-896-6078.

George Crockett Academy attendance policy is as follows:


  • A student is allowed only ten absences per school year

  • If a student has six tardies within a semester he/she will receive one unexcused absence (maximum of 18 tardies = three unexcused absences)

  • Upon returning back to school, your child/children should have a written notice from either parent or doctor stating why the student was absent

  • George Crockett Academy is working with the Wayne County Prosecutor's office to Erase Truancy and Educational Neglect 

If you are experiencing difficulty in your child/children attendance please call the front office and ask to speak with our attendance officer at George Crockett Academy.

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