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Our Mission

George Crockett Academy provides a nurturing, respectful and stimulating academic environment of responsible citizens who are critical thinkers in a global society. 

Our Vision

The entire George Crockett Academy community is committed to developing students who are self-respecting, respectful of others and dedicated to community service. The students of GCA are taught to believe in the power of law to solve problems for justice and equal rights. 


Our Beliefs

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  • We believe students should participate in community service to build connections within the community.

  • We believe students should be independent learners and critical thinkers skilled in problem-solving.

  • We believe in providing a safe, respectful, and nurturing environment

  • We believe all stakeholders must work as a team to ensure student success.

  • We believe, by meeting basic needs, students will learn in a positive, nurturing, and supportive environment.

  • We believe all students learn differently; each student is unique, diverse, and valued

  • We believe words are powerful and need to be positive.

  • We believe all stakeholders must be lifelong learners.

  • We believe in using community resources to develop civic-minded and law-abiding citizens.

  • We believe in the importance of the home/school partnership.

  • We believe in student-centered, hands-on, experiential learning that enriches the learning environment.

  • We believe in an environment that fosters high expectations embraced by all stakeholders.

  • We believe in recognizing students’ voices in the development of their learning to become effective communicators.

  • We believe all stakeholders must be agents of positive change.

  • We believe the use of technology is a tool to connect with the global world.

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